Reusability has never been simpler!

Have you ever wanted to be able to easily reuse a sketch from one operation to another?

Clearly this is a loaded question as at some point or another, every designer goes through this.  That being said, check out the video below.  This video will show you how easily TopSolid 7 handles this today.  In fact, it is so easy, that you might just find yourself downloading the trial version of TopSolid 7 to try it for yourself!

What are some of the advantages to reusing existing information you ask?  That’s easy!  Here are some key point:

  • Save time (save money)
  • Updateability…making changes has never been faster!
  • Consistancey of concept

Watch the video below to see for your self what we are talking about!  And if you like what you see, download the free trial!

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