Automatic software updates…how cool is that?

I have spoken with many people and have read many posts about software updates and how much of a pain in the @#$ they are to deal with! 

Some companies send their updates out via DVD/CD and require you to do all sorts of painful installations.

Some companies require you to pay-per-update!

Some just don’t offer software updates!

And then there’s TopSolid 7!

TopSolid 7 releases software updates every 6-8 weeks.  Why? That’s simple.  Software needs to evolve.  It’s that simple.  As well, from time to time, there might be a bug or two in the product.  It happens.  (Even to us).  However, if a software isn’t continually evolving, then bugs can’t be fixed and new features can’t be added and thus evolution stops and end user frustration begins.

Missler Software understands this all too well.  That is why with TopSolid 7, updates are automatic and easy to deal with.  Here’s how.

When an update is ready for TopSolid 7, our developers push it out via an “automatic software update service” that comes with TopSolid 7.  As an end user or department manager, you don’t have to do a thing to get it.  You don’t have to hunt for the update on an ftp server.  You don’t have to browse the web until you find the right update.  All you have to do is launch TopSolid 7!  When you launch TopSolid 7, it automatically checks in with Missler Software to see if there are any updates available.  If there are, it displays a list of updates and release notes for you.  From there, you can choose to install them or not!  Maybe you don’t want to update until next week after a major project is finished.  That’s cool just don’t update yet. 

Now, automatic updates are cool.  However, in some cases, you might not want all of your users to be able to choose for themselves to install or not the updates.  No problem, we have that covered too.  In fact you can choose to have one of your users as an “Update tester” and then have that person push the updates if they agree with them.  This basically means that all other users updates look to that persons computer for the availability of updates.  Cool right?

Let’s also say that maybe you don’t want to check for updates every time a user launches TopSolid 7.  That’s no problem either.  You can configure the updater to check once a week, once a month….basically whenever and however you want.

The point here is that it is easy to deal with software updates now.  And I quote…myself…”How cool is that?”

Following is a screen shot of the TopSolid Update application.  Click on it and have a look for yourself at what it offers.

TopSolid Update


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