Clear Cut Solutions launches new website

Clear Cut Solutions, Inc, Master Distributor of TopSolid Cad/Cam in the USA (Addison, IL) is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at www.clear-cut.com!

The Clear Cut Solutions’ website was completely redesigned with customers and prospects in mind.  Here is what Bill Genc, President of Clear Cut Solutions, Inc. had to say about it.

 ”I have had a vision of what I wanted our website to be for some time now.  And that vision is really quite easy to understand.  I wanted to create a site where all of my customers and prospects can communicate easily regarding our products and services.  And thus, we have created a 100% completely social website.  This means that we will be able to communicate more easily with all of our customers and prospects and they in turn can communicate with us too!

 For example, on the home page alone, you will instantly have access to:

  • Our product offerings
  • Promotional offerings
  • Latest blog posts
  • What’s Hot (Tag cloud)

 Those are just a few features.  From there, be sure to check out our 100% free tutorial section.  This section will continue to grow over time.  As of this moment, there are already six unique tutorials that contain over 300 pages in PDF format and 17 fully narrated videos.

 And, of course, the site also includes a lot of great information about our products and services too!  And what’s even better is that anyone can easily share this information on any social network on the web today with ease! 

 Having a strong company comes from having a strong community of customers and partners.  And we wanted to reinforce that community with a website that would support it.  In today’s world, the ability to communicate on information is vital.  And more so, it is vital that people can find the information they are looking for with relative ease.

 With that in mind, one of the goals of this development will be to host the more than 350 videos regarding TopSolid that we have developed over the years.  This is going to be part of the second phase of development that should start in Q2 of this year.

 And now, I would like to invite you to take a few minutes to explore our new website.  Let me know what you think about it!  Let me know what you like and what you don’t like.  And let me know what else YOU would like to see on it in the future!”

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  1. Bear says:

    New site looks good Bill !

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