TopSolid’Mold 2011 – First Look

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TopSolid 2011 is getting so close, I feel like I can reach out and touch it!

Oh wait…I can!

But you on the other hand…You have to wait just a bit longer.

So to help pass the time, I will continue my segment on new features within TopSolid 2011. In this post, I will introduce one of the new parting surface features for TopSolid’Mold called “Angled Surface”.

Let’s take a quick look at how it works.  In the following sample you see what appears to be a very simple part.  In fact it is.  The main parting line is perfectly flat!  However, the parting line itself is far from simple.  It is actually made up of elliptical and b-spline curves!  But don’t worry…that type of data is a walk in the park for a power house like TopSolid! Click on the picture below to see it full size and have a closer look at the data for yourself.

Angle Parting Surface1

Now with the new Angled Surface function, all you need to do is set the offset and the angle, and then choose a terminating coordinate system.  And Voila! Instant angled parting surface in one click of the mouse.  And here’s the best part!  It worked on complex elliptical and b-spline curves!

Angle Parting Surface2

I know at this point that there are quite a few of you reading this post thinking something like:

“But that doesn’t seem that hard at all!”

And ok, so this first sample was a pretty basic one, (even though I was working with dynamically offsetting elliptical and b-spline curves).  So how about if we kick it up a notch?

In the sample below, the main parting line is far more complicated.  In fact it moves up and down in Z all over the place.  Moreover, there are quite a few sharp corners in the parting surface as well.  Click on the image below to see for yourself.


Now, in this case the dynamic offset of the main parting line will fail.  But have no fear!  Our developers are near!  Ok…so I joke a bit.  But really our developers are great at thinking outside of the “standard cad box”.  That said, they took what was already a great new function and made it even more powerful by allowing you to define your own profile to be used for the angles surface.  Cool, right?  So in the image below you will see the result of using a user defined profile and a remarkably powerful angled parting surface function!  (Be sure to click on it to see it full size).


So as is usual on my blog, following is a short video that shows you exactly how this new function works.  Enjoy!

After seeing that, you probably want to know more about TopSolid’Mold.  There are three ways to do this.  They are:

  • Visit the TopSolid’Mold section of our website by clicking here
  • Request more information on the product here
  • Pick up the phone and call us!  You can find our contact info here

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