Status Quo, Complacent or Innovators…where does your Cam software fall?

There are a lot of cam software’s on the market today. More to the point, there are a lot of old cam software’s on the market today.

What do I mean?

That’s simple. Let’s put them into some categories. But before I do, I want to say that my goal here is not to name names, but to make a point. So here we go.

I believe that cam software’s today fall into one of the following categories:

  • Status Quo
  • Complacent
  • Innovators

And just so there is absolutely no confusion here, I am going to define them for you…at least as I see it.

Status Quo

Cam companies that fall into this category are simply happy with what they have. They look at development with this type of opinion.

“Why should we spend a lot of money modifying our software when companies are continuing to purchase it the way it is”.

These types of companies exist. Maybe you own one of their products. And maybe this product was a good fit for you…once upon a time. The problem with products like this is that they don’t add any value any more. They are just there to ride their own sales train. And trust me when I say that what you need as a customer is far from important to them.


Ahhhhh…these companies are the best…no really…actually…well you decide!

Cam companies that fall into the complacent category believe that they only need to deliver the illusion of developing new and improved products.

For example, this type of company might overhaul their user interface from time to time just to give the product a new look and feel. Or they might decide to embed their product into a strong Cad product to again give the illusion of growth and new technology to their customer base. And remember that when they embed into another product, they are at the mercy of that products cad tools too!

The problem here is that all they have achieved is a “sleight of hand” trick! In fact the kernel that they are running is most likely the same old kernel that they have been running for years…or decades even. So I ask you, what value does this actually bring forth?

For me I see quite a few cam companies that fall into this category. They don’t really innovate. Instead they try to use fancy selling techniques and ride on the coat tails of larger Cad products in order to give you the illusion that they too are a great product.


Now for me, this is the type of company that you want to buy software from. Companies that are innovators are always working towards delivering products that make your job easier to do! These types of companies actually listen to their customers. They examine all aspects of manufacturing and the requirements to manufacture and work tirelessly to provide these solutions.

For example, an innovative company would know that at a certain point in their products life cycle they might need to rethink some things. In fact, they might need to rewrite some things too! Innovators are always looking to reduce time to market for you. After all, isn’t that what you purchased this software for in the first place?

I could go on and on here about these different categories. But at this point, I think you get the point!

I think that the manufacturing world is changing. I think that there hasn’t been much in terms of innovation in a long, long time with regards to cam. But I also think that that is about to change. I think that TopSolid Cam 7 has forced the change to happen.

No…actually I think it is you that has forced the change to happen. I think that TopSolid Cam 7 is simply the first to listen.

What are your thoughts on this subject?  If you have an opinion, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear it!

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  1. Jon Banquer says:


    Toolpath Innovator. Rest of the program totally obsolete. Excellent educational support.


    Open forum innovator. You can talk about the competition. Not enough users posting, dealers out number users posting, multi-core support is excellent, toolpaths are excellent. Program is very young and immature and needs a lot of work yet but it’s getting there. Developers not afraid to interact with users in a meaningful way… HSMWorks is a pioneer and market leader in this area! Well done!

    Gibbscam: Innovator in non-modal user interface, machining markers, editing common machining parameters with a spreadsheet, TMS module. Impossible company to deal with. Heavy censorship on their user forum… don’t even think of mentioning other programs in a good way. Founder isn’t a very good businessman and prefers to leave the dirty work to his long time right hand man. Owner not capable of any kind of challenging interactive dialog and uses sarcasm to hide his many faults. On the plus side he seems to be a very good architect of the software. Of all the older legacy programs I think Gibbscam is the best designed. Gibbscam is very poor at marketing, no grasp of the educational market, help manuals suck and have sucked for years, total lack of quality video training.

    More to follow in another comment when I get time.

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