TopSolid 7 – Set up the user interface as YOU want it to be!

While growing up, my parents always told me something like this:

“Now Bill, you can’t always get your way!”

Or my favorite generic phrase:

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”

And I say why not? If I buy the cake, why can’t I eat it? This one always seemed strange to me.

So you’re thinking, “What’s your point?”

My point is simple. Too many software companies out there try to force you to think the way they think when it comes to using the software. For example, how many products do you own where the user interface is set up one way and only one way? Wow…that many?

And just to be clear on something here. The ability to add or remove icons from an icon bar does not make for a customizable user experience with the software. It simply makes for a customizable icon bar!

That said, while using your various software products that have no ability to be customized, have you have stopped and thought something like this:

“You know, I wish I could move my operations manager to the bottom of my screen. That just makes more sense to me to have it down there.”


“I don’t understand why I can’t fully use all of the monitors that are plugged into my computer”.

Or even

“You know I really like having the speeds and feeds window readily available, but not all the time. It would be really cool if I could dock it somewhere and then accessible if I hover over it with my mouse.”

Well, guess what? We have had the same thoughts as well. And we have had many customers that have those thoughts too. So we did something about it.

The user interface in TopSolid 7 is 100% customizable. (Yes even the icons too)! For example in the picture below, you will see the TopSolid Cam 7 interface. On the left hand side of image, you will see where I have docked the Operations Manager. (Click on the image to see it full size).


Now let’s say that you want the operations manager on the bottom of the screen. No problem. Just grab it, drag it, and dock it where you want. 100% Customizable the way you want to work.


Or, maybe you are a huge fan of using multiple monitors. That’s no problem either. Just drag whatever you want over to the other screen. And there it will stay until you drag it back!


My point here is that TopSolid 7 was designed to make your life easier. It was designed to allow you to work the way YOU want to work. After all, who are we to tell you different?

If you think this is cool, you should really try TopSolid 7 out for yourself! There are a lot of way cooler features inside of the software…all you need to do is download it!

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