TopSolid Cam 7 – Harnessing the power of an i7 processor

multi-core In todays world of powerful computers, you can build some pretty fantastic boxes.  You can load them up with Ram.  You can even grab the latest processor like an Intel i7 processor.  But I ask you this small question…

What good is it to have this hardware if your current Cad/Cam software doesn’t take full advantage of it?

It’s a good question…I know!  Thankfully, I have the ability to show you a software that does in fact take full advantage of modern hardware.  And that software is TopSolid 7.  In the video below, I show you how quickly we can calculate tool path on a reasonablly heavy part.  This part has more than 4000 faces on it.  In the modern world of Cam, it is not so much the complexity of the geometry that slows down the calculation, but the quantity.  In this sample, I use 100% of my i7 processor to crunch the tool path in a very short amount of time.  Check it out!

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