TopSolid Cam 7 – Multi-part programming and sub-routines

topsolid7_multi-part-machining More often than not, cam users find themselves creating a ridiculous amount of unneeded g-code due to the inefficiencies of their current software.


That’s a big statement. And guess what? It’s true!


That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it.

In many cases they are trying to machine either the very same features across the same part or they might be machining four of the same parts at the same time, spread across different work offsets.

Let’s break it down for you.

Let’s say that you are creating a program to machine 4 identical parts in the same setup using 4 work offsets. Let’s say to completely program one part is about 25mb’s of g code.

Now let’s say you pattern your entire tool path, (because your current software lets you do this), and then you post everything out. Now your g code file is upwards of 100mb’s. (Because your current software doesn’t know how to or just doesn’t let you create and used optimized g code).

topsolid7_sub-routines At this point, some of you might say something like “So what…what’s the big deal. File size is irrelevant.”

And maybe you’re right. But I ask you this. Doesn’t it make sense to have optimized g code? While yes it creates smaller files, it also creates more efficient g code.

Why is this important?

Let’s have another sample. Now let’s say that you have the same heavy project from above. Let’s say that your operator is running it. And he sees that you have set a bad rapid move in one section. He wants to edit this and change the value. With sub-routines he makes the edit one time. With long hand code he has to make the edit multiple times and runs the risk of making multiple mistakes. (Not to mention the amount of time it takes at a control to scan through 100mb’s of g code).

So I guess what I am saying here is that if you are not interested in optimizing your g code, saving time and overall making things easier to manage for your CNC programming, then you should stop reading this now and definitely not watch the movie below.

For everyone else…enjoy! Take the time to learn how easy it can be to truly increase your companies CNC programming efficiency. The video below will show you just how to do that.

Oh…and if you are not already a TopSolid 7 user, maybe you should be. At least you should take the time to download the trial and experience what modern cad/cam is all about. You can get it here.

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