Missler Software Inc has launched!

 Dear Customers,

We are pleased to announce that Clear Cut Solutions has officially concluded its daily business operations, and will now be incorporating the core of its business into the newly formed Missler Software North America group (called Missler Software Inc). The new Missler Software group will have two primary goals:

  1. To secure your investment with TopSolid products by providing stronger service and support through a local direct team
  2. To accelerate market growth and greater business opportunities through direct sales focus in the North American market place. Rest assured that this change allows us to bring even more resources to bear in supporting you as our loyal customers.

As is our heritage, Missler Software will continue to strongly invest in ongoing product research and development, to ensure that TopSolid will continue to have best in class technology, product features and user friendly operations. TopSolid 7 brings revolutionary innovation to the market place by offering a seamlessly integrated PDM/CAD/CAM software solution to help you maximize efficiency and productivity.

Eric Smith Mr. Eric Smith will be the National Sales and Marketing Director for Missler Software North America.  Eric has 20 years of technology sales and marketing experience working for leading global organizations including CAD/CAM companies. Eric can be reached via email at here.

Bill Genc Mr. Bill Genc will be the Technical Director for Missler Software North America.  Bill is a strong technology leader and innovator as the founder of Clear Cut Solutions, the leading reseller of TopSolid products and services.  Bill brings 18 years of machining and molding experience with over 15 years of CAD/CAM experience. Bill can be reached via email here.


  1. Michel says:

    Good luck together in the existing but also new business. Have fun happy sales!


  2. Eric Smith says:

    Hi Michel,

    Thanks for the good wishes !

    We look forward to working with you.

  3. deke32 says:

    Good luck with the start of Missler inc.

    I am watching your Topsolid7 blog and videos frequently.
    They are very helpfull for me to learn Top7

    Greetings from Holland


    1. Bill Genc says:

      Thanks for the warm wishes Dennis. I am happy to hear that you find our videos useful. More to come for sure!

      Thanks again and Greetings back from the US!


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