Newly Launched Competitive Product Upgrade Program

Competitive Product upgrade program to TopSolid 7


In order to qualify for the program, you must meet the following criteria.

You own a legal license of another cam software and can prove it by providing:

  • Fax or email copies of the original invoice for your purchase of that software
  • Fax or email copies of the invoice showing your most recent maintenance purchase

Your company resides in North America (this promotion is only for North America).


The competitive upgrade program allows you to enjoy the latest version of our TopSolid CAD/CAM software, with its best in class technology, product features and user friendly operation. The program provides you with licenses for TopSolid 7 that are equivalent to the licenses for any current cam software that you legally own. For example, if you own MasterCam® level 1 Mill, you are qualified for TopSolid’Cam 7 lite 2D Mill. If you own MasterCam® Solids Mill Level 3, you are qualified for TopSolid 7 Standard with 2d and 3d Mill. Please contact us to see what you may qualify for.


The cost of the competitive upgrade is based on the equivalent TopSolid 7 licenses you qualify for. The calculated price per year over the 4 year period will be equal to 1/4 of the software purchase price plus a pro-rated maintenance cost over this period. For example, if you qualify for one license of TopSolid 7 Standard with 2d and 3D mill, the competitive upgrade price will be $3,805.19 each year for a 4 year term. This spreads the cost of the software out over a 4 year period at zero interest, and also provides reduced maintenance fees. After the 4th payment is made, you will own the TopSolid 7 licenses and will pay only the normal (15%) annual maintenance fee going forward. In order to find out which TopSolid 7 products you may qualify for and applicable pricing, please contact us.


The terms for the upgrade program include a 4 year purchase plan agreement with Missler Software, Inc.  After your fourth year payment, you will own the software license(s). Each subsequent year will then be a regular maintenance fee of 15%.

If you choose not to renew your payment at any time during the first 4 years, your license/s will no longer remain valid, and you will forfeit your investment in TopSolid 7. No exceptions can be made. Your renewal anniversary during the first 4 years will be the purchase date, and you will be billed automatically 30 days prior to this date each year.  You will then have 30 days to pay the invoice. Once paid,  you will automatically receive software renewal codes covering the next 12 months. At the end of the 4th year, you will own the software and be issued permanent codes. After owning the software you are free to choose to renew your annual maintenance as you see fit.

Again please contact us for any questions or inquires regarding this exciting new program !

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