Mold Design

TopSolid’Mold is an extremely powerful application that goes beyond the vision of what CAD should be. 

mold intro TopSolid’Mold was specifically developed with mold making and manufacturing in mind and, more importantly, with manufacturing as the final result. If you can’t build it…you shouldn’t design it. This is the fundamental foundation behind the development of TopSolid’Mold.  On top of being an extremely powerful design product, TopSolid’Mold also sends manufacturing information to its sister product, TopSolid’Cam!  And all of this, while maintaining perfect parametric track of everything!

Following are just a few key points regarding TopSolid’Mold that you might find interesting:

  • Automatic Parting Line
  • Automated Parting Surfaces
  • Automatic Core/Cavity Creation
  • Automated Insert Management
  • Standard Components 

  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Fast Preliminary Design
  • Powerful Waterlines
  • Automatic Drafting
  • Automatic Dimensioning