TopSolid 7

The CAD/CAM Evolution is Now!

TopSolid 7 Icon TopSolid 7 is the natural evolution of more than 30 years of experience.  The redesign of the product was done to achieve two main goals.  First, Missler wanted to make Product Data Management (PDM) achievable and a reality for any size business.  Everyone can benefit from PDM.  It seems that developers of other products only wanted large companies to be able to harness this technology.  Missler Software didn’t think that that made any sense at all.  So they first started by rewriting their own data management solution from scratch.  Once this new PDM product was developed, they then looked at phase two of the new development; rewriting TopSolid itself on top of the new PDM product!

The result is something figuratively and literally quite beautiful!  For the first time on the market, you now have a CAD/CAM product that is running on a seemingly transparent PDM platform.  This means that you don’t even know the PDM is there!  Along the way of this new development, Missler was also able to make the new product extremely easy to learn and use!  But they still were able to keep the power of TopSolid’s legacy.

These are just a few key points of the newly redesigned, rewritten product, TopSolid 7.  We invite you to explore our website to learn more about this revolutionary product.  And please feel free to contact us with any questions that you might have.

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