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  1. TopSolid Cam 7 Trial now availalbe » Clear Cut Solutions, Inc says:

    [...] Tutorials [...]

  2. cam4you says:

    Hi there,

    what about the status of this tutorial site ?

    1. Bill Genc says:

      HI back!

      Sorry, a big portion of this is still under construction. However, if you look to the right of this page, you will see already a list of tutorials. As well, you can check our blog. And finally, you can also find over 300 videos on our YouTube channel. Here is alink to that:


      We hope to have some more of the tutorial side posted after the first of the year.

  3. viktor says:

    Thank you for the nice site, and all the fine
    tutorials and videos.
    Finally someone who realizes that a good software
    isnt better than the user, and that you need training for it.

    Something that Missler totaly have miss, because they are
    not interested in Tutorials or literature, but in selling

    And for us that are Topsolid 6 users in Europe, well seems they are
    not interested att all anymore

    1. Bill Genc says:

      Hi Viktor,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide us some feedback. I will forward your comments along to the staff at Missler Software as well.

      More tutorials are coming very, very soon by the way!

      Thanks again for the feedback!


  4. viktor says:

    Hi Bill

    Thank you for reply
    Yes do that, because i could write a long letter about
    Misslers shortcomings, but this is maybe not the time and
    place to do it.

    Keep up the nice work

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