TopSolid 7 makes Y axis mill/turn look easy

Programming a Y axis mill/turn machine can be a challenge for sure. Part of the reason it is a challenge is because it is very difficult at times to really know and understand the capabilities of the machine you are programming. Especially Y axis mill/turn machines. These machines are notorious for being difficult to program… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 – Multi-part programming and sub-routines

More often than not, cam users find themselves creating a ridiculous amount of unneeded g-code due to the inefficiencies of their current software. Wow! That’s a big statement. And guess what? It’s true! Why? That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it. In many cases they are trying to machine either the very same features… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Program the Job

Ok, so I hope that you are a meat and potatoes kind of person because in this post we will be covering the meat and potatoes of our big picture effort. In fact, we will cover every aspect of programming this job from building custom tooling to using stored favorite programming methods. This post will… Continue reading »

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create a simple pocketing process in TopSolid’Cam

This video will show you how to create a basic pocketing process within TopSolid (v6).  A process is a type of automation that you can create in order to speed up programming tasks and help to eliminate errors.


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Fixture Design

Sometimes you can reuse old fixtures. Other times you need to build special fixtures. In this post we will do both! In fact we are going to start by downloading a vice from Kurt Work Holding. We will show you how quickly we can take that imported fixture and capture its design intent within TopSolid… Continue reading »


Capturing design intent with TopSolid 7

Design intent. Now that is a topic of conversation that can truly be taken in hundreds of directions…if not more! Design intent has been a huge topic of “marketing” conversation for cad companies for years. And each company seems to spin their own definition of what design intent means to them. So I figured…why not… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Engineer the 3 setups required

Every job is different. Some jobs are easy…and some…not so much! In this post we will show you the steps it takes to engineer the 3 stock conditions that will be used later in our fixture development. Why would we even care about stock conditions? That’s a simple one to answer. If we didn’t know… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Create new project & import customer data

With every project that you company manufactures, management of that project is crucial to the success or failure of the project. Often times, if you dig really deep, you will find that not being able to properly manage your manufacturing data can cause your company to lose a ton of money. Why? Simply put, without… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed!

It is often very difficult to see the big picture. Why? Because the big picture is often too much for any one person to handle all at once. Because of this, I have decided to paint the big picture of TopSolid 7 for you…but not in one post! In fact this series of posts will most… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 – Direct modeling with a new twist!

The demand for direct modeling is growing with ridiculous speed these days. It seems to me that there is no standard for this type of technology yet either. Some software companies use direct modeling as their core foundation. Yet others have it as an added value item to their existing arsenal of tools. Which strategy… Continue reading »

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