Create custom materials with textures in TopSolid 7

The following video will introduce you to the creation of a user defined material.  It even shows you how to add a standard texture to your material for realistic rendering mode. Depending on what you are planning on using the material for, you will need to know some information about the material.  For example, if… Continue reading »


modify vise settings in TopSolid’Cam

This video will show you how to modify the settings of a vice in TopSolid’Cam (v6).


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Create new project & import customer data

With every project that you company manufactures, management of that project is crucial to the success or failure of the project. Often times, if you dig really deep, you will find that not being able to properly manage your manufacturing data can cause your company to lose a ton of money. Why? Simply put, without… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 – Set up the user interface as YOU want it to be!

While growing up, my parents always told me something like this: “Now Bill, you can’t always get your way!” Or my favorite generic phrase: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” And I say why not? If I buy the cake, why can’t I eat it? This one always seemed strange to me.… Continue reading »


Create a Project Template in TopSolid 7

This video will show you how to create a project template within TopSolid 7. The project template can contain document templates, folders…basically anything that you want to include in a template project.  Once created, you can use this project template to start new projects with! .