Customer Portal Now Available

We are please to announce the addition of our “Customer Portal” on www.clear-cut.com! What is it?  And why should you care about it? That’s easy.  The goal of the customer portal is to give quick and easy access to downloadable content on our website that is specifically for our customers! But before you can gain… Continue reading »


Automatic software updates…how cool is that?

I have spoken with many people and have read many posts about software updates and how much of a pain in the @#$ they are to deal with!  Some companies send their updates out via DVD/CD and require you to do all sorts of painful installations. Some companies require you to pay-per-update! Some just don’t… Continue reading »


Reusability has never been simpler!

Have you ever wanted to be able to easily reuse a sketch from one operation to another? Clearly this is a loaded question as at some point or another, every designer goes through this.  That being said, check out the video below.  This video will show you how easily TopSolid 7 handles this today.  In… Continue reading »


How to use the Links Function

Parametric modeling is great!  However, once you have built an assembly and need to share the design with someone else…a new battle begins.  In this battle, you need to know how to send all of the information that is related to your assembly.  And this is where the links function comes into play.  Watch the… Continue reading »