TopSolid Cam 7 – Multi-part programming and sub-routines

More often than not, cam users find themselves creating a ridiculous amount of unneeded g-code due to the inefficiencies of their current software. Wow! That’s a big statement. And guess what? It’s true! Why? That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it. In many cases they are trying to machine either the very same features… Continue reading »


Let’s cut a part with TopSolid’Cam 7!

First thing’s first. Happy New Year! So here I am, back at work writing a new post processor for one of our customers. It was just a simple post for a Haas machining center. When you’re developing a post processor, you need a sample Cam file to test with. So I quickly banged out a… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 Vs MasterCam & Esprit

In all of the years that I have spent working with various cad and cam software’s, I have always tried my best to be as efficient as I could be while using these products. Sometimes being efficient meant that we had to change either our approach or the products that we used…or both. Often times,… Continue reading »


TopSolid’Cam Turning – Step2 – Absolute programming


TopSolid’Cam Turning – step1 – Absolute programming