TopSolid “Lunch and Learn” Seminars

Missler Software Inc. is proud to offer “Lunch and Learn” seminars at our Addison, IL facility. Our seminars will focus on CAD/CAM topics specific to machining, tool & die and advanced assemblies, and the benefits associated with our integrated PDM-based CAD/CAM software, TopSolid 7.  TopSolid represents a revolutionary step in the CAD/CAM industry, enabling designers,… Continue reading »


Clear Cut Solutions recieves All Star award

Clear Cut Solutions, Inc Named One of Constant Contact’s 2010 All Stars Company’s use of Constant Contact products and services helped increase its overall marketing performance and deepen its engagement with customers     Addison, IL – March 16, 2011 – Clear Cut Solutions, Inc, master distributor of TopSolid Cad/Cam/Pdm and QuoteCam products for the… Continue reading »


Clear Cut Solutions launches new website

Clear Cut Solutions, Inc, Master Distributor of TopSolid Cad/Cam in the USA (Addison, IL) is pleased to announce the launch of their new website at www.clear-cut.com! The Clear Cut Solutions’ website was completely redesigned with customers and prospects in mind.  Here is what Bill Genc, President of Clear Cut Solutions, Inc. had to say about it.… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 Trial now available

It is official!  The free 30 day trial of TopSolid Cam 7 is now available for download! It is available for both 32bit and 64bit users.  When you sign up for the trial, an email will be sent to you that contains the download links for each version.  If you are using Windows 7 64bit,… Continue reading »


Free product tutorial section now available!

As part of our goal to continue to bring you exciting and useful content, we are pleased to announce the addition of the Tutorial section of www.clear-cut.com! You can find it in the main menu at the far right.  It’s called…creatively enough…”Tutorials”.  I know! It’s a genius name, isn’t it? This tutorial section will grow… Continue reading »


TopSolid 2011 Distributors Conference

The annual TopSolid Distributors Conference has now come and gone. I am pleased to report that the conference was very interesting this year. And it’s not just because I got to present TopSolid 7 to the entire conference on the opening day either! Although…I think that was definately a lot of fun! But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning…