Create custom materials with textures in TopSolid 7

The following video will introduce you to the creation of a user defined material.  It even shows you how to add a standard texture to your material for realistic rendering mode. Depending on what you are planning on using the material for, you will need to know some information about the material.  For example, if… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 – Multi-part programming and sub-routines

More often than not, cam users find themselves creating a ridiculous amount of unneeded g-code due to the inefficiencies of their current software. Wow! That’s a big statement. And guess what? It’s true! Why? That’s a great question! Thanks for asking it. In many cases they are trying to machine either the very same features… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 – Harnessing the power of an i7 processor

In todays world of powerful computers, you can build some pretty fantastic boxes.  You can load them up with Ram.  You can even grab the latest processor like an Intel i7 processor.  But I ask you this small question… What good is it to have this hardware if your current Cad/Cam software doesn’t take full… Continue reading »


Change your origin in TopSolid Cam 7

From time to time you might need to be able to modify your program origin point.  In some systems this might be a little challenging to do.  But not in TopSolid 7!  In TopSolid 7 it is but a right mouse click away… The video below will show you step by step how to modify… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Program the Job

Ok, so I hope that you are a meat and potatoes kind of person because in this post we will be covering the meat and potatoes of our big picture effort. In fact, we will cover every aspect of programming this job from building custom tooling to using stored favorite programming methods. This post will… Continue reading »

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Let’s cut a part with TopSolid’Cam 7!

First thing’s first. Happy New Year! So here I am, back at work writing a new post processor for one of our customers. It was just a simple post for a Haas machining center. When you’re developing a post processor, you need a sample Cam file to test with. So I quickly banged out a… Continue reading »


TopSolid Cam 7 Vs MasterCam & Esprit

In all of the years that I have spent working with various cad and cam software’s, I have always tried my best to be as efficient as I could be while using these products. Sometimes being efficient meant that we had to change either our approach or the products that we used…or both. Often times,… Continue reading »


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Setup the machine

TopSolid Cam 7 is founded on the principle of assembly-based machining. In this post we will show you how easy it is to bring in your custom fixtures and assemble them onto your machine of choice. In this case, we will be using full machine simulation during the programming stages. It is our goal to… Continue reading »


create a simple pocketing process in TopSolid’Cam

This video will show you how to create a basic pocketing process within TopSolid (v6).  A process is a type of automation that you can create in order to speed up programming tasks and help to eliminate errors.


TopSolid 7 Revealed: Prepare parts for machining

Ok , so we have our fixtures and our custom stock conditions all set up. Now it’s time to put them all together so that TopSolid Cam 7 knows what’s what. This is the step that most cad/cam systems don’t offer because they don’t’ know how to manage real stock conditions let alone give you… Continue reading »

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