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Time Line Solid Modeling

Let me start by saying… “Welcome to TopSolid 7! In this video…” but there I have to stop.  Because in this case, there is more than just ONE video.  Cad - Solid modeling

In this video tutorial series, there are actually 16 videos in total. They start by an introduction and progress step by step through each major step in the process of learning basic solid modeling.

This tutorial will cover a lot of ground quickly and should give you the knowledge you need to begin solid modeling within TopSolid 7.

Before you begin watching the tutorials, I suggest that you take a minute and download the samples that go with the tutorials.  You will find each below.


You can either download the sample TopSolid Solid Modeling Tutorial package which contains the completed model, the drawings (in TopSolid format), and the PDF of the drawings.  Or you can download just the PDF and work within your own project. The choice is yours.


PDF Only


Full Package

TopSolid Modeling Tutorial Introduction

Step 1 – Create a sketch and extrude

Step 2 – Create a drilling

Step 3 – Create a drilling group

Step 4 – Use the hollow command

Step 5 – Add a boss

Step 6 – Add another boss

Step 7 – Add tapped hole

Step 8 – Add chamfers

Step 9 – Add some fillets

Step 10 – Create plane by point and normal

Step 11 – Trim by profile

Step 12 – Repeat a trim feature

Step 13 – Create a pocket

Step 14 – Radial Drillings