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So a few posts ago, I create a video series that introduced to an awesome add-on function for TopSolid 7 that allows you to create timing screws.  Well, in this post, I am continuing that story.  In fact, I thought it would be really cool to show you a more in depth look at the design side of creating a timing screw.  So in this video, that’s exactly what I did!  Now, normally I break these videos up into short segments, but for this one…this one I thought it would be better to keep it as one video.  So in this short, 14 minute video, I show you every step I take in creating a variable timing screw.  And at the end of the design, I even show you how easy it is to make changes to the timing of the screw.  My goal for you in this video.  It’s simple… My goal is to make you a TopSolid believer!