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Let’s be honest…we’re all busy.  We’re all busy working to find little ways to increase efficiency.  Little ways to maybe turn a tiny profit into a slightly larger profit.  Or in some cases, just outright looking for the holy grail solution to solve all of our problems.  In my case, I am always looking to help you, our customers become better at what you do.  After all…that’s my job.

In this video series, I thought it would interesting to show you some fundamentals about programming basic turning and simple milling on a Mazak Quick Turn 200M machine.  This is a great machine. However, there are limits to the machine. This machine for example does allow live tooling, but it has no Y axis.  So in this case to do any milling you need to know how to do C axis programming.  I thought that this part would be a great sample to show how easy it really is to program a machine like this off line.

So without further delay…here are 4 videos for you to check out.  Enjoy.

Basic Mill Turn Step 1
Basic Mill Turn Step 2

Basic Mill Turn Step 3

Basic Mill Turn Step 4