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Like all processes that exist in manufacturing, it is important to understand the process of how to send a part to be machined within TopSolid 7.  This process includes a special document type called “Machine Part Setup”.

It is this document that today’s video will cover.  In this video you will be shown various ways to send a part into a Machine Part Setup document.  But first, what is a Machine Part Setup document?

A Machine Part Setup document, or MPS for short, is a document that exists between the Cad document and the Cam document. Its sole purpose in life is to give you a simple way to describe the part, or parts to cut to TopSolid and also to describe the stock model to be used.

We created an intermediate document like this because we have found that our users always need a way to manipulate and edit the stock conditions of the parts they are cutting. And with this intermediate document, they can do this with ease.

The following video will introduce you to the basics of what an MPS document is and how you can use it.