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This video walks you step-by-step through the process of basic 3D machining using some standard TopSolid7 2D operations, but mostly 3D operations.

Our sample project is a fairly simple dustpan mold, but even a fairly simple part presents plenty of design challenges. However, with TopSolid 7, the process is easy and efficient.

3D Machining Efficient and Easy

Within the demonstration, I start by importing project information and we learn right away that TopSolid 7 is advanced enough to detect multiple bodies, therefore makes an assembly out of it. For this demonstration, I use a blank machining template to give you a better understanding of the out of the box power of TopSolid 7.

Demonstration highlights include:

  • Block positioning constraint functionality that allows you to position the part accurately, and without the errors that can lead to machining challenges
  • Selection of specific tooling options including the tool itself, gauge, feeds, speeds, and coolant settings
  • Calculation of our tool cutting path by applying select tools, cutting conditions and established default values
  • 3D cutting path simulation that allows you to view the material removal process
  • Verification that there are no tool collisions
  • Simulations that reveal the adjustments that need to be made to assure a quality end product

TopSolid 7 allows you to identify shortcomings in tool selection and settings so that you can make the needed adjustments. But, what’s really powerful is that by taking the time to teach TopSolid 7 a little bit about how you like to machine parts, the system gives you a way to capture some of your manufacturing knowledge and teach TopSolid CAM how to use this knowledge.

All of the users on your team can then tap into TopSolid’s knowledge of your manufacturing process to create high-quality parts and products much more efficiently. Watch the video demonstration to learn about how simple 3D machining can be with TopSolid 7.

Watch the video demonstration to learn about how simple 3D machining can be with TopSolid 7.

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