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Yes, TopSolid can automatically rough a part from five sides! But, the full answer is quite a bit more interesting than a simple yes.

Can TopSolid automatically perform this complicated task out-of-the-box? No, it does not know how to do that. But, TopSolid contains a powerful feature called methods automation. Using methods automation, the answer is yes. And what is even better is that methods automation is easy to use and can be based on your own machining experience.

Use Methods Automation to rough a complex part

Using Methods Automation

In the example featured in the demonstration video, the method asks the user to pick faces to define the work control system (WCS).

Ultimately, the user adds the method to TopSolidCAM with a simple drag and drop. Per the established method, TopSolid pops up questions asking the user for required information. After providing the information TopSolid requests of the user, the technology does all the work from there – it creates the WCS’, applies the tool paths, updates the stock and so forth.

This is a great example of how TopSolid captures and makes your manufacturing knowledge reusable so that efficiencies and high-quality machining can be applied across your organization.

Watch the video demonstration to learn more.

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