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Within the twenty-second video of this 25-video series on programming a Multus U3000 with TopSolid, I demonstrate how much time you can save programming ID drillings when a WCS repetition (work coordinate system) is establisID Drillings after WCS Repetitionhed for a given position.

You will notice within the video I start programming my ID drillings just as I would any other drilling. I select the appropriate tool, fixture, feeds, speeds, and other routine settings. The really cool thing, however, is the drilling we are working on is attached to the WCS repetition we established within the prior video. Therefore, all eight drillings corresponding with the WCS repetition are now programmed.

In short, you programmed eight ID drillings while really only programming one. I am sure you can quickly tabulate in your mind the huge amount of time that will be saved over the course of your work.

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