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Today’s manufacturers need a technology platform to manage increasingly complex manufacturing needs, often across the enterprise, with quality, accuracy, reliability and efficiency. TopSolid 7’s ability to handle this complexity with ease and incredible sophistication has been an overriding theme within the TopSolid blog. But, how good is TopSolid, really? Seeing is believing.

Thanks to Evolving Technologies, a Missler Software technology partner in Austria, you can see firsthand how precisely TopSolid programming and simulation match actual machine performance.  In other words, this video does a beautiful job of demonstrating the confidence that can be placed in machining operations entirely created in and executed by TopSolid 7.

This video shows a turbine fan wheel elegantly machined on a Hermle 5-axis mill. You will quickly notice how precisely TopSolid simulation reflects exactly what happens when the programmed part is executed on the manufacturing floor. The confidence that what you see in simulation is exactly what you will get in reality, is what is needed by today’s leading manufacturers. Check it out!

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