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In this webinar, you will learn how using a modern CAD/CAM software like TopSolid can simplify the CNC programming efforts of your job shop. During the webinar, you will see how to program simple, “hand drawn” parts all the way through to more complicated solid modeled parts. The programming of these parts will be achieved by using various TopSolid programming methods from:

* Fast and efficient manual programming methods
* Using company saved standard tool paths
* Using company created Methods based tool paths

From start to finish, you will see how efficiency and repeat-ability of tool path strategies can not only save your company time, but also make it more efficient at processing parts.

One key point that will be demonstrated is the difference between wireframe based cam programming and programming with a solid model.  With Wireframe based programming, you really have to work hard to program your part. Because everything is flat, you need to be sure to choose the correct profiles, set the correct starting and machining altitudes, remember where stock is left and so on.  With Solids based programming all of that can be handled automatically…well at least if you are using TopSolid!