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This webinar was presented live on June 26th, 2020 at 10:30am CDT.

TopSolid 2020 is now available to everyone!  The goal of this webinar is to introduce you to some of the great new improvements to the TopSolid Cam platform with a key focus on improvements made to our 2D Milling functionality. The staff at TopSolid USA tried to pick our “Top” 7 improvements showcase during this webinar.  Unfortunately, we found that difficult to do.  So in this 1 hour webinar, we are going to do our best to show you our favorite 22 new improvements. This includes items such as rapid optimizations to better collision management as well as completely new tool path strategies like Boost Milling.  Boost Milling is TopSolid’s new adaptive tool path strategy that puts you in full control of how you want use chip thinning strategies.   As always, we’ll try our best to show you as many real-world use cases for these improvements as possible so that you can see how to best deploy them in your own TopSolid environment.