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This webinar will be presented on November 13, 2020 at 10:30am CDT

There are many steps to manufacturing a part, whatever that part is. It is critical to be able to not only program the part, but also to be able to quickly and accurately design and document any and all fixturing that is required in order to manufacture said part. In this weeks TopSolid Perspective we will take a look at Manufacturing Design Process. During this webinar you will see live how to design a set of soft jaws for the vice for the third setup required to manufacture a part. The soft jaws will be designed based on the updated stock model from the second operation. You will learn how to design the soft jaws, document them (eg, drafting document), insert them into your global fixture design and ultimately use them in your machining document. If you pay close attention you might even learn a trick or two along the way!