Confessions of a Passionate CNC Programmer

Download the eBook that walks you through how to contend with the increased complexities of today’s manufacturing.

“It seems like the more complex the machine is, the easier it becomes to work with in TopSolid. (And the simple stuff is easy to begin with!)”

–Colin Gilchrist, Gilchrist Consulting Services

This eBook shares insights from a CNC programmer who loves CNC programming AND the business of manufacturing.

As manufacturing continues to become more complex and specialized, we all need robust technologies like TopSolid to thrive. Professionals and companies who don’t keep pace will fall behind and ultimately be unable to compete.

In this ebook, Colin shares his insights on the top 15 reasons he loves TopSolid 7 (plus 3 bonus reasons), including:


  • Parametric Design
  • Full Assembly Modeling
  • PDM
  • Stock Awareness
  • Kinematic Awareness
  • Kinematic Toolpath Knowledge
  • Methods
  • User Experience
  • And much more

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