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Presentation: Using Automation to Minimize Mistakes and Speed up the Mold Build Process

Every company is based on a foundation of knowledge. That knowledge is often taught from a senior mold builder to a junior mold builder. However, sadly that knowledge can be lost over time. This presentation will focus on taking a real-world look at capturing and reusing company know-how. By using software automation, mold builders can instill company standards and best practices while speeding up the overall mold manufacturing process from design through to production.

Every company has thier way…  When they bring on new talent, they invest heavily in training to ensure the new employee understands all of the standard practices of the organization. 

However, this takes time and is often very hard to control. Moreover, it is very difficult for a new employee to retain all of this information quickly.

Because of this, doesn’t it make more sense to work with a CAD/CAM solution that allows you to capture your companies knowledge and make it effortless to deploy?

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